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Fan Huddle Live

Be part of exclusive, inspiring live experiences from anywhere you are.

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Be a part of exclusive, inspiring live events, right from your phone.

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Inspired in Real-Time

Connect your employees or C-Suite with their favorite sports heroes. With Fan Huddle Live, you can host team-building events, internal challenges, and beyond to enhance employee wellness and camaraderie.

Live Customized Programs

Create learning opportunities tailored specifically to your team. Our expert-led programming is fully-customizable, allowing you to see engagement and comprehension take shape.

Engaging Team Challenges

Motivate your team to hit their goals through connection. Choose a curated Fan Huddle challenge or create a customized program for your team, and bring in the pros to drive inspiration from the big-leagues.

Live Events

Celebrate your team’s accomplishments with special events with celebrities, sports heroes and your C-suite. Bring together remote and global teams to help them remember your commitment to their success.
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