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A New Look for a New Focus

The past year has brought unexpected growth and momentum to Fan Huddle, and it all started with an innovative idea of how we can best bring engaging on-demand and live experiences to life for employees across the world. With all that is going on in the world, how can we bring corporate teams together? How can we give the Fan Huddle community a best-in-class content experience that inspires them to reach their goals every day?

Our solution: an innovative on-demand content library and Fan Huddle Live, a seamless way to bring companies together from the comfort of their homes or offices.

And to tie it all together, we topped it off with a new brand.

We wanted our new look and feel to mirror the Fan Huddle community we serve across the country. Corporate teams with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and goals - people who can see themselves in the content we create and be inspired by their heroes. Our community brings together experts and athletes of all walks of life, united in their goal to help make a difference.

With a new brand comes two new ways we can supercharge well-being programs for companies and employees around the world.

An Industry-leading On-demand Content Library

With a collective four decades in the well-being industry, we have a wealth of knowledge about what companies are looking for in their employee program. First, it needs to be engaging, with high-quality content that grabs you from the start and inspires you to keep going. Second, it needs to be flexible to meet the needs of thousands of diverse people. Third, it needs to be fun, and it certainly helps to have a few familiar faces in the mix.

The Fan Huddle on-demand content library brings exclusive access to industry-leading fitness, mindfulness, and lifestyle content with more than 30 (and growing) current and former NFL players, Olympians, professional athletes, and industry experts. The Fan Huddle catalog [combines] more than 300 experiences and programs, including inspirational pep talks from sports legends, guided meditations, yoga, strength training, HIIT workouts, and more. We’re adding new video experiences and programs each quarter, making it easy to find something new each time you log in.

The videos meet each member where they’re at, with high-quality audio and video we can expect from leaders in the health and fitness industry. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to get motivation and inspiration from your heroes. Need a great way to start the day? We have a meditation, workout, or quick tip just for you. With options that range from a one-minute quick tip, a five-minute pep talk, a 10-minute meditation or a 25-minute class, there’s no shortage of ways you can optimize your best Fan Huddle experience within your busy day.

Fan Huddle Live: Your Invite to Exclusive Events

We know it’s hard to get large groups together, especially remote and global company teams. That’s why we offer Fan Huddle Live, a secure way to host exclusive, inspiring live events with professional athletes, industry experts, and team leaders - right from your phone. Fan Huddle Live is designed to connect your employees with custom experiences, challenges, and events that promote your well-being program and company goals.

  • Live programs, ranging from company trainings to team-building activities, can be customized for any company and any goal.

  • Live challenges bring your team together in a new way toward their goals, no matter if they’re personal or professional.

  • Live events - including Q&A with their favorite heroes, auctions, trivia, giveaways, and digital keepsakes - help you celebrate your team’s accomplishments.

The best part? With Fan Huddle Live, we can bring inspirational athletes and experts in front of thousands of your team members, providing an employee benefit that is beyond compare. Want to learn more and see the On-demand library and Fan Huddle Live in action? Schedule a call today!


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