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An Intentional Approach to Well-being

At Fan Huddle, when we think about what helps people live a full, healthy life, there is not one answer. No one-size-fits-all approach. It’s unique to each person and their personal and professional goals.

When we set out to change the game and level up the playing field on health and well-being content experiences, we started from the ground up. We knew that we wanted each video, fitness class, mindset moment, or cooking demonstration to be fun - because why would we do this if it wasn’t enjoyable? We wanted to have the evidence-based backing of leading industry experts guiding our members through these experiences. And we wanted the personal stories of the professional athletes we know and love to inspire and motivate us along the way.

At Fan Huddle, we think content that can help move you forward in life falls into one of three categories: Movement, Mindset and Lifestyle. Everything starts from getting a good night's sleep, hydrating, moving and fueling your body well, and preparing your mind to face any task the day brings. Our content catalog features 20-30 minute on-demand video experiences with experts, 10-to-20-minute audio meditations, five-minute pep talks with your favorite athletes, and one-minute quick tips that you can take with you on the go in the breaks of your busy day.

Within each category is a wide range of experiences that lay the foundation for a healthy life. Choose from barre, strength training, yoga, Pilates, and high-intensity workouts you can do from home. Take a break in your day for a walking meditation or an inspirational pep-talk from NFL legend Emmitt Smith. Whatever can motivate you and inspire you to take the next step in your own health and well-being journey.

And well-being doesn’t stop there. You’re not living a full life if you only move your body but ignore your mindset, right? None of these categories exist by themselves – everything is integrated. With the Fan Huddle catalog, every video in the content library is connected and includes aspects of all three Move, Mindset, and Lifestyle categories, no matter what topic the video covers.

A Unique Product Solution

Because each person’s well-being journey is not a one-size-fits-all, neither is an employee or enterprise wellbeing program. At Fan Huddle, we recognize how difficult it can support hundreds or thousands of team members with one offering. That’s why our content catalog is built to be optimized for the needs of your teams. You gain complete access to our more than 300+ videos that are added upon quarterly from the start. With our experts, we design timely, relevant, and engaging programs that are topic-driven and refresh those quarterly to provide new opportunities for members to participate. If there’s a topic or need that would be best for your teams, let us know! We can design a custom program around that specific topic, or likely have that topic in our calendar to update soon.

The best part: there is no integration required for you and your teams. Fan Huddle offers innovative and holistic experiences that are easy to implement.

At the end of the day, members don’t want to miss out on on-demand experiences with their favorite athletes and leading experts. If want to learn more about what we offer to support holistic health and well-being, schedule a quick call and see all that Fan Huddle has to offer!


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