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Covid Transformed Me...and Fan Huddle

It’s no surprise the last few years have shifted our daily lives in unprecedented ways. The outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis has forever changed how we work, our fitness trends, and how we connect with others. With more than 85% of Americans reporting overwhelming levels of stress, it’s no wonder that personal health and self-care catapulted to the forefront of every mind across the world.

Personally, 2020 presented both a challenge and an opportunity to build a product that I would actually want to use each day to stay healthy. One that would inspire us all to move our bodies more, cope with the levels of stress we saw with each uncertain day, and keep that momentum moving to build a healthier, more well-rounded pace of life for all as we emerged from the pandemic.

Digital health was already on a 35% compounded annual growth trajectory and the pandemic has only further ignited the digital health revolution. Consistent with that theme, the Fan Huddle team started its early journey in stealth mode; quietly researching a shared vision of what the future of wellness will look like and unique industry partnerships which can create a new breed of digital well-being experiences.

Here is what we know today:

To break this cycle, today’s technology and service-based wellness solutions need to evolve into something more than single-purpose services delivery vehicles, off-the-shelf employee wellness portals, or commoditized, episodic biometric screening services, or HRA offerings. People also shouldn’t have to spend $2,000 on a bike or pay $40 out of pocket each month for different consumer-grade well-being experiences. Their employee well-being program should provide these experiences.

We also need to go beyond expert-led content. While TED talks have been successful and many people listen to experts such as their personal doctor, not everyone does. To this end, we feel that the intersection of athletes and experts has a different potential to reach audiences previously unreachable. That the power of authentic storytelling will help hook and motivate people to reach goals they once thought might be unattainable. With the right power of high-quality content led by leaders that our members trust, evidence-based programs, and a holistic approach to well-being, Fan Huddle is poised to help me and millions of members find a new normal after a stressful few years.


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